What to consider before buying a boat

What to consider before buying a boat

“I love the vastness of the ocean. I love its serenity, tranquility, humility, and purifying power.”
Thus, the American author Debasish Mridha defines the charm of the sea.

The sensations of freedom and infinity aroused by the sea have gradually attracted new shipowners and lead to a deep passion for navigation.

As important as it is to follow your feelings, buying a boat is a choice that you should not make recklessly, and that requires an evaluation of some significant issues.

First, how do you want to use the boat? How far do you want to get away from the coast? Do you plan to spend your nights at sea? Answering these questions allows you to choose the best boat model for your needs.

A relevant aspect to consider is how you will use the boat: will you use it as an opportunity for a lonely escape surrounded by the sea or as an experience to share with family and friends?
In the second case, you should first let your guests test the navigation experience, because not everyone can handle the waves or resist the sudden and violent weather changes. Therefore, it is useful to assess with the family a ‘trial period,’ renting a boat and spending some time at sea, experiencing different conditions and destinations.

A further issue not to underestimate is the physical condition of the shipowners, especially if at their first experience.
Although you do not need to be an athlete to lead a motorboat, you might be unprepared because, being always stressed by the waves, your body is subjected to a constant effort to maintain balance and posture.
It takes time to get used to waves, sun, wind, saltiness, and you acquire more experience only by sailing. Initially, it is better to avoid too long journeys, to gradually get in touch with the sea and its beauties.

Finally, crucial is to decide what to do with the boat during downtime, especially when the nautical season is dripping.
A well-planned wintering and proper seasonal maintenance are crucial if you want the boat to accompany you for many years, maintaining high levels of performance. 

Relying on a company that not only designs, builds, and fits out the boat, but assists the clients before, during and after the purchase, allows you to enjoy the sailing experience fully.

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