The French coasts by boat, between beaches and culture

The French coasts by boat, between beaches and culture

When we talk about France, the mind inevitably travels to Paris, rich in history and romance, and to the fascinating Provencal hinterland.

However, for sea enthusiasts, France offers many exciting places to visit, enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the sea, and visit some symbolic places on the French coasts.

As for bathing, France offers two opposed options: the southern coasts and Corsica, which overlook the warm Mediterranean Sea, or the Atlantic Ocean’s and the English Channel’s more agitated waters.

Along the French Riviera, there are numerous locations of great interest for tourism: Nice, Saint Tropez, and Cannes are emblems of the French Dolce Vita. Moving towards the Spanish border, you reach Marseille and Montpellier.

Worthy of note is Pampelonnea five-kilometer beach offering one of the most beautiful seas in the entire Côte d’Azur, and Espiguette, which retains a wild charm with dunes and groves.

There is a more traditional charm in Corsica, with quaint villages and a pervasive nature in the hinterland. This ambiance also reflects in the beaches: Palombaggia and Bodri enjoys a two-kilometer long sandy coast and crystal-clear water in an unspoiled area.

Going up the French west coast, you meet the vast shore of Biarritz, which extends for over half a kilometer with high buildings a few meters from the shoreline

In the Loria Atlantica, you find the Plage de la Baulenine kilometers of coastline animated by the French nightlife.

The north of France offers not only the sea and beaches but also places of significant cultural and historical impact.

Mont Saint-Michel rises on a tidal islet in Normandy, famous for the beauty of its cathedral, the narrow streets of the village, and the action of the tides, which isolate the island from the mainland entirely. The uniqueness of this location has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Normandy, you can also visit the beaches along the coast of Calvados and the English Channelover 75 years ago, Operation Overlord took place, the landing operations decisive for the liberation of France during the Second World War.

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