The best European destinations for an autumn trip by boat

The best European destinations for an autumn trip by boat

The charm of autumn can hardly appeal to the shipowners’ heart, who still want to enjoy the thrills of a boat trip without having to worry about cold or bad weather.

For this reason, when the autumn rain appears, the boat enthusiasts chase the sun to continue their adventures in the waves, avoiding the summer crowds.

Without crossing the world to reach the most exotic and warm destinations, the south of Europe offers a pleasant temperate climate thanks to the Mediterranean. By merely going to southern Italian locations, you can find a sharp contrast with the northern regions.

The Amalfi Coast is an excellent option to enjoy Campania’s beauty without being surrounded by crowds of tourists.

Salerno is a top-rated destination if you want to stay on the coast, thanks to its beautiful views and picturesque waterfront. At the same time, Otranto exerts an ancient charm forged by a rich and fascinating history with its roots in Magna Graecia.

Another valid option is Capri: you can discover the beauties of this location during the autumn months while continuing to enjoy a mild temperature, both outside and on the water.

Passing through Calabria, the Island of Capo Rizzuto, close to Crotone, is a town perched on a promontory overlooking a protected marine reserve.

Every location in Sicily is a good destination for the autumn months. Still, you shouldn’t miss Modica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its Sicilian Baroque monuments and the splendid historic village.

Moving west, Spain is undoubtedly an excellent destination to continue enjoying your boat even in autumn.

The Canary and Balearic Islands are highly appreciated islands for the sea’s beauty and their nature, offering numerous recreation possibilities on the splendid beach.

On the continent, Andalusia is one of the most pleasant areas during the cold months, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful sea and a rich culture. Among all the places, we mention Malaga, with its fantastic port and the Picasso Museum, and Jerez de la Frontera, taking the opportunity to get closer to its historic winemaking tradition, represented by the most appreciated Spanish wine, sherry.

Moving east, the Aegean offers plenty of choice in terms of islands to visit while enjoying the local temperate climate. Still, Crete stands out among all with its fascinating archaeological heritage.

Moving south, you can reach Cyprus, which melts Greek and Turkish culture, creating a unique atmosphere, enhanced by its sea and beaches’ beauty.

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