The best destinations in Italy for a summer boat weekend

The best destinations in Italy for a summer boat weekend

After a few months of meteorological instability, summer has finally arrived, bringing the desire to reach places of rare beauty.

Often just one weekend is enough to switch off, enjoy the sun, and get back to work on Monday, relaxed and full of energy. Here are some ideal Italian destinations to visit in just two to three days!

Amalfi Coast

The deep blue sea and the fascinating landscapes make the Amalfi coast one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. Bends, coves, and beaches offer splendid views for swimming and relaxing under the sun.

If you decide to move away from the coast, you can quickly reach Capri’s island, one of the symbols of Italian Bella Vita. You can spend the day lulled by the waves or land at the port of Marina Grande, enjoying the contrast between the colors of the Mediterranean scrub and those of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Among the best-known attractions, there are the famous Blue Grotto, where the darkness of the cave, the blue of the sea and the reflected sunlight create a magical atmosphere, and the jump of Tiberius, the breathtaking cliff overlooking the sea.

Elba Island

One of the most famous Tuscan destinations for the summer is undoubtedly the Elba Island. Not surprisingly, the coast of this location offers a myriad of conformations. Golden beaches, white cliffs, red sand, and white gravel allow you to admire very different landscapes and live unique experiences by moving a few miles.

Equally picturesque is the sea, characterized by different blue and green shades, animated by many fishes and perfect for diving.

Among the areas preferred by shipowners are the White Beaches of Elba, the Gulf of Viticci, and Fetovaia.

Besides, the hinterland is perfect for excursions to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean scrub and reconnect with nature.

Cinque Terre

In Liguria, instead, you can find the villages ​​Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, best known with the collective name of the Cinque Terre. This location preserves the tradition of fishers and seamen intact, allowing you to breathe the air of the past deeply.
UNESCO recognized the charm of this place as a World Heritage Site in 1997.

The view of the coast from the sea is impressive, thanks to the jagged profile and the colorful buildings standing out against the sky and the bare rock. You can drop anchor in the sea to take a bath in the crystal-clear waters, then dock in one of the ports, climb the steps that lead to the villages, explore the narrow streets and thoroughly enjoy these unique places.Explore these fascinating locations aboard 340 REGINA, the line created by FIM that combines the elegance of a yacht with the agility of a boat. Contact us to find out more.