Technical clothing for boating and sailing

Technical clothing for boating and sailing

The shipowners are always in contact with particular environmental conditions. Sun, salt, wind, and humidity are the norm, not to mention the low temperatures of night or winter navigation.

While the boat is designed to withstand these conditions without being affected in performance, the shipowners’ body is not compatible with life at sea.

Fortunately, there are several measures to overcome this problem, and technical clothing is the most effective.

Technical clothing is made with materials and treatments designed to ensure the garment’s resistance and, at the same time, make the wearer feel good, regardless of external conditions.

This clothing type is ideal for boating life because the materials used in everyday clothing give more problems. For example, cotton dries very slowly, and therefore if it gets wet, it remains soaked for a long time, while wool dries shrink.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers are designed to be more resistant, and subsequent treatments can further improve performance.

In summer, breathability, freshness, and UV protection are must-haves.
When it is windy, there are suitable technical garments, called Spray Tops, which protect from gusts without overheating the body.

In winter or at night, it is crucial to maintain the balance between thermal insulation and breathability. You can add thermal socks and waxed clothing to technical sweatshirts and trousers, which protects from wind and humidity thanks to its waterproof surface.

In summer and winter, footwear is essential, which must have non-slip soles to ensure the shipowners’ safety.

Thanks to thermal clothing, you can fully enjoy the pleasure of sailing on a 34-ft. boat both in summer and winter, both day and night.

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