Teak: the excellency for boating

Teak: the excellency for boating

A boat originates from the meeting of different elements, which blend thanks to the attention to design and engineering precision harmoniously.

The choice of materials is the perfect example of the delicate balance between elegance and performance. They must fully satisfy all navigation needs and withstand the trying environmental conditions of the sea and weather, but at the same time represent the pinnacle of beauty and Dolce Vita.

Above all the materials used in boating, a place of honor goes to wood.

Wood is a precious and refined material, extremely versatile thanks to its ease of processing, physical properties, and many varieties. For every need, there is undoubtedly the type of wood suitable to satisfy it best.

The areas of application also include boats: the conquest of water by man was made on wooden boats, from humble rafts to majestic galleons, from the fisherman’s barge to the caravel of Colombo.

However, not all woods are suitable for use at sea. Many types are sensitive to humidity and water, causing the structure to weaken and expand, with severe consequences for the boat’s integrity.

For this reason, teak has the most solid tradition in the nautical field.

Teak originates from the Tectona plant, which is typically found in Africa and Asia. The top qualities of this wood are the strong grain, the intensity of its dark shades, the water-repellency and the resistance to salt.

Teak is available in different varieties based on the features of the plant and the original location. It is therefore divided into standard, Indonesian, Filipino, and Burma (the most valuable).

In modern boats, teak is mainly used for deck surfaces, furnishings, and boat finishes. Although more accessible materials could be employed, teak exerts an indisputable charm. It distinguishes a boat from the other ones, leading shipowners to prefer it over any other option.

Choosing teak means increasing the luxury and value of your boat. Still, it also requires particular care, using select products to clean it, regenerate it, and preserve its natural beauty for a long time.

340 REGINA is the perfect mix of sportiness and luxury: we use teak for various equipment, both standard and optional.

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