Spain or Portugal: which one to choose for a boat trip?

Spain or Portugal: which one to choose for a boat trip?

Although it shares many aspects of culture with Italy, the Iberian Peninsula offers an entirely different experience. Spain and Portugal are the perfect destination for a holiday that combines familiarity and novelty.

However, it would be wrong to assimilate the two nations into a single entity. Despite sharing the same geographical space, they offer very different landscapes and attractions that need to be evaluated before choosing the right destination.

Let’s talk about the most crucial aspect of a boat trip: the sea.

Both countries partly overlook the water, but with a significant difference. The Portuguese coast is located exclusively on the Atlantic Ocean. In contrast, the Spanish coast offers a more complex panorama.

To the south, there are both the Mediterranean Sea and a minimal portion of the ocean from Gibraltar to the Portuguese border.

To the north, on the other hand, you find the Bay of Biscay, which goes from Spain to France, welcoming the Atlantic.

Spain, therefore, offers a greater variety of experiences. The south is more familiar to southern European citizens, who find the warmth and splendor of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Costa Brava embraces all the coastal space from Barcelona (whose port is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe) to the French border. It offers a myriad of rocky coves and golden beaches, real corners of Mediterranean paradise. 

The extension of the Costa Brava allows the shipowners to explore numerous destinations and find their favorite to drop anchor and spend the day there in complete relaxation.

Do not forget that in the south of Spain, you can also find the Balearic Islands. This famous Spanish archipelago offers a vast spectrum of experiences, from Ibiza nightlife to the natural escape of Formentera.

To the north, instead, there is the Atlantic Ocean, with colder waters and more agitated sea, ideal for those who love to face the waves and play sports. The most sought-after destination in Northern Spain is San Sebastian, where the city and the ocean meet in harmony. 

What just described is the norm in Portugal. The southern places allow you to enjoy a more temperate climate and find more picturesque landscapes. Going north, you can visit Lisbon and Porto and drop anchor near the many Portuguese beaches, including Praia do Guincho and Praia de Marinha.

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