Luxury and sportiness: Why choose a 10-meter boat?

Luxury and sportiness: Why choose a 10-meter boat?

The relationship that binds the owner to his boat is deep and powerful: the wheel becomes the natural extension of his arms and the feeling of the hull cutting through the water is perceived throughout the body.a

At the basis of all this there is a very important choice, that of the boat model.

The nautical world offers many types of boats, each with its own distinctive characteristics and merits, and the owner must first understand what he wants and what he is looking for to make the sailing experience unforgettable.

Where do you want to travel? How far do you want to get off the coast? Do you want to be comfortable below deck or do you want to speed along the water’s edge?

There is only one answer to these questions: a 10-metre boat.

The technical term would be ‘vessel’, but we prefer to see it as a sports yacht or a luxury motorboat.

This type of boat has streamlined lines for fast and agile travel, and at the same time enjoys a space below deck to accommodate refined furnishings and accommodate passengers for the night.

One of the key points of this boat is therefore its versatility: halfway between a pure cruiser and a weekend cruiser, it is ideal for both a half-day trip and a longer stay at sea, to reach new destinations and explore places never seen before without sacrificing the comfort of a home.

A 10-meter boat thus offers a fantastic feeling of freedom: freedom to do what you want and when you want, freedom to experience the Italian Dolce Vita anywhere in the world.

The size of the boat offers numerous advantages for the owner: they ensure ease of handling, both while driving and at berth, without sacrificing the safety, performance and habitability features typical of larger models.

Moreover, according to Italian legislation there is no obligation to register a boat, intended as a boat with a hull length (and therefore not outboard or waterline) from 0 to 10 meters. In this way, whomever buys a boat that meets these requirements can skip a bureaucratic step.

By turning to professionals with proven experience in boat building, you can enjoy all these benefits and even more.

FIM is specialized in the realization of lines of boats, among which the 340 REGINA stands out: in addition to the length of 10 meters (34 feet), thanks to a careful study of the structure, the interior space reaches a height of 1.9 meters to maximize habitability and comfort, while interior and exterior can be completely customized with materials and furnishings 100% Made in Italy.

We combine luxury and sportiness, the Italian dolce vita and the passion for engines in a synthesis of elegance and performance.

Get ready for a unique experience in the waves; contact us to find out more.