Living aboard a 34-foot yacht: luxury and comfort

Living aboard a 34-foot yacht: luxury and comfort

A 34-foot yacht offers several benefits, such as seaworthiness, ease of mooring, lower maintenance and management costs, and performance. Furthermore, according to Italian law, a 34-foot boat is classified as watercraft. You can drive it without a boat license within certain limits of motorization and distance from the coast.

With such a size, one might expect a boat limited to day cruising. Still, in reality, a 34-meter yacht has a lot of potential if designed and built optimally.

The space below deck can become a comfortable ambiance suitable for longer trips, which allows you to enjoy a watercraft’s performance and, at the same time, the comforts of a small yacht.

Our first series FIM 340 REGINA, perfectly embodies the combination of sportiness and luxury, creating a unique boat of its kind.

Thanks to accurate design, systems and furnishings make the most of every available square meter. The owners and the passengers do not lose the comforts of a “floating home,” such as two beds, bathroom with shower, hot water, kitchen with grill or induction plates, refrigerator, sofa, table, television, and speakers.

The shipowners can also organize the cabin according to different configurations based on their specific needs.

Despite the wide range of equipment, we keep the cabin extremely livable, with a height of 6.2 feet and large windows and portholes to take advantage of natural light.

FIM boats are entirely Made in Italy with great attention to quality, performance, elegance, style, and comfort.

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