How to winterize your boat

How to winterize your boat

If you have no way to reach tropical locations during the winter and prefer to wait for the mild climate to sail, you must think about wintering your boat.

Wintering consists of putting the boat out of the water during the off-season to protect it from long months of bad weather and inactivity.

Thanks to wintering, wear and the risk of damage to components are significantly reduced, thus ensuring a prompt restart in spring and a long life for the boat.

A correct wintering involves several operations that require time and attention. As dull as it may seem, a correct wintering is a valuable investment for maintaining your boat in the long term.

The most important thing is to know your boat: each model is one of a kind and has specific technical characteristics.

For this reason, this article indicates general guidelines that you have to adapt or complete with the information provided by the boat producer. In these cases, the importance of assistance and a long relationship between shipowner and seller is invaluable.

  1. Empty the fuel tank;
  2. Close the fuel and drain valves;
  3. Treat with a protective oil;
  4. Add antifreeze to the engine;
  5. Remove the engine oil;
  6. Remove the battery;
  7. Wash the boat’s interiors and exteriors;
  8. Cover your boat and place it into winter storage.

Remember that water poses the most danger to your boat during the off-season. For this reason, your main goal is to keep out water and moisture to the greatest extent possible.

At the beginning of the new season, it will be necessary to reconnect the battery, add new oil, replace the fuel and water filters, and refill the fuel tank to go back to sailing as soon as possible.

The winter storage must be dry and sheltered, sufficiently protected from bad weather, cold, heat, and humidity. An excellent solution to guarantee the perfect boat’s wintering conditions is to contact specific boat storage services.

Given the importance of wintering, the boat producer’s assistance allows you to carry out all the tasks in a precise and efficient way based on the owner’s manual.

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