How to transfer your yacht to Europe

How to transfer your yacht to Europe

The desire to always explore new waters leads the shipowners to move frequently from one location to another, to experience the sensation of discovery and adventure in previously unexplored territories.

However, this thirst for exploration faces a logistical obstacle. While you can easily reach some locations from one port to another by sea, it is necessary to transport the boat using other means in many other cases.

If you want to reach locations outside of Europe, sea carriers are the only feasible choice; this allows you to explore exotic places on the other side of the world, even escaping the winter that grips this hemisphere.

Within the European territory, however, it is possible, in most cases, to move by land.

It is technically possible to carry out the transfer autonomously with boat transportation trailers. Still, road regulations tend to place limitations on dimensions, shapes, and weight that make this option suitable only for smaller boats.

In addition to road restrictions, the shipowners assume significant risks to act independently, not having the experience of professionals who deal specifically with these types of transport.

Several exercises deal with boat road transport. In these cases, the use of specialized vehicles, contractual guarantees, and know-how allow to move the boat with maximum safety and efficiency.

Additionally, the boatyard can provide the service. 

In this case, the boatyard guarantees that the boat transfer is carried out precisely according to the boat’s specifications.

FIM specializes in the construction of boats that combine comfort and performance and offers complete assistance before and after the sale, including the boat transfer, allowing the owners to enjoy their yacht fully. Contact us to find out more.