How to fully enjoy the sun on board

How to fully enjoy the sun on board

One of the most pleasant sensations of life on board is being exposed to the sun. Away from everything and everyone, surrounded only by water and lulled by the waves, you can immerse yourself in the sun’s heat, abandoning all worries.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many shipowners leave for tropical destinations during the winter to continue enjoying all the pleasures of sailing!

To fully enjoy these experiences, the care of the boat’s design and structure is crucial, especially on small yachts that must make the most of every square meter at their disposal.

The 34-ft boats, such as 340 REGINA, combine sinuous lines, high-level performance, and habitability to be perfect for a one-day and a multi-day sailing.

On deck, you can enjoy the sun on the bow sun pad, comfortably lying on the elegant cushions, or indulge in a leisure break in the cockpit, enriched by an external kitchen and an extendable table.

Also, a comfortable chaise longue can be transformed into a sundeck thanks to the removable backrests, offering ample space that you can exploit on sunny days.

But there is more.

Once you go below the deck, the interiors must continue to transmit the same sensations as the exteriors. It must not be a dark and oppressive cabin, but a small, perfectly livable home.

This is possible not only by the luxurious furnishings and comfortable standard equipment but also by the internal brightness, making the space more welcoming, airy, and relaxing.

For its 340 REGINA, FIM has carefully studied every detail of the structure to offer the maximum degree of brightness below deck thanks to hull windows, portlights, and skylights on deck.

In this way, the passengers will enjoy the sun’s pleasure and the waves’ view even below deck, surrounded by a luxurious ambiance.

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