Tips and tricks to fit out your 34-feet boat

Tips and tricks to fit out your 34-feet boat

A 10-meter boat combines the sportiness of a motorboat and the luxury of a yacht. Without giving up the sensation of speeding on the waves, it is possible to create a living space in the bow area of ​​the boat.

Which aspects to consider when outfitting such a particular space?

The first factor to take into account is the ability to navigate, as the movements of the waves and the dynamism of the boat could cause constant stresses on the things below deck.

Consequently, the nautical furnishing sector offers various efficient solutions: particular closing mechanisms for drawers, anchoring systems, and niches with protective bars guarantee safety and functionality in every sailing condition.

A further important issue is space.
In a 34-feet boat, some structural constraints could fall on the liveable space; this is not to be seen as a limit, but rather as an opportunity to enhance every available square meter.
For instance, the shape of the bow is ideally suited to accommodate a custom-made sofa, which follows the perimeter of the area and gives the location a modern and dynamic look.

Generally, a modern and minimal style meets the specific needs of the boat: comfort and functionality find their highest expression thanks to clean-cut lines, without giving up the aesthetics.

Indeed, an essential design offers many valuable features: it avoids the superfluous and optimizes the space, using expedients such as modular and retractable elements.

The choice of colors and materials can be inspired by a marine style, with vintage-looking woods, brass finishes, shades of white and blue, or by a contemporary style, with reflective metals, laminates, polished woods, bright lights, and neutral colors.

Regarding the wooden surfaces, teak wood is the most widely used for the construction of the exteriors, as it is waterproof and water-resistant
Creating continuity between internal and external surfaces could be an interesting stylistic choice; however, the choice of woods for the living area below deck may fall on more valuable materials, such as mahogany and oak.

Moreover, it is good to make full use of natural light, designing large windows, using shiny surfaces and reflective objects, such as mirrors and glass details, to improve the liveability of the spaces and give a feeling of airiness.

Finally, the best way to successfully fit out a boat is to do a customized project, which combines structure, space, and interior design and gives the owner a tailored boat.
At this stage, the technical directors’ expertise makes the difference. In essence, they create harmony between interiors and exteriors and identify solutions to optimize the spaces without sacrificing functionality, performance, and elegance.

FIM has designed a line of yachts that guarantees maximum interior space and comfort. Thanks to its large windows, flush deck, wide deckhouse up to bow and 6.2- feet high cabin, 340 REGINA encloses in 34 feet luxury, style, and sportiness.

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