How to explore the world by boat: the sea carriers

How to explore the world by boat: the sea carriers

Even with the lower temperatures and the arrival of nasty autumn weather, the desire to navigate does not subside. The shipowners want to continue enjoying the waves, the sun on their faces, and the scent of salt.

Many easily accessible locations offer a mild climate in Europe even as winter approaches, but you have to completely change the horizon to experience more months of real summer.

Exotic destinations such as the Maldives, the Caribbean, Sharm El Sheik, Seychelles, Cancun, Bahamas, and Dubai are just a few examples of places where winter is just a word and time onboard practically never ends.

However, these places are very distant from Europe, posing a logistic problem: how to get your boat there?

These needs are met by sea carriers, i.e. cargo ships specialized in the transport of pleasure boats by sea, connecting countries around the world throughout the year.

Relying on sea carriers does not just mean physically moving your boat from point A to point B: these companies offer a complete service that allows the owners to sleep peacefully.

Given the delicacy of embarkation and disembarkation operations, the sea carriers employ specialized technicians who follow each phase. In particular, they ensure that the lifting equipment, the saddle for the hull, and the lashing are adequate to guarantee a safe and damage-free transfer.

Typically, sea carriers directly manage all the transfer’s bureaucratic aspects, both administrative and insurance, ensuring that all operations are carried out following international and the country of destination’s legislation.

Some companies also offer additional technical assistance, dealing directly with hauling and launching.

In this way, your 340 REGINA is safe and ready to travel worldwide, showing off the perfect mix of sportiness and luxury that make it a unique boat.

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