FIM assistance before, during and after the sale

FIM assistance before, during and after the sale

Expertise and competence are certainly some of the essential elements for the owner who relies on a shipyard. However, the owners should not underestimate the relevance of the assistance before, during, and after the boat’s purchase.

The quality of the final product must be accompanied by an utmost care towards the shipowners, to ensure an excellent navigation experience.

Assistance from the shipyard is undoubtedly a priority for new captains in their first experience. Still, we must not overlook the advantages it also offers to experienced owners, relieving them of some tasks and allowing them to focus only on the enthusiasm for the sea.

Intending to guarantee all its clients, beginners and experts, an enjoyable and safe experience, FIM offers several services before, during, and after the purchase of the boat, always remaining by the clients’ side and ensuring complete assistance.

The relationship between shipyard and owners establishes firstly from the design of the boat. We want our models to be one of a kind, so we talk to the clients to understand their requirements, needs, and preferences, and we provide them with expert advice in choosing the best solutions. The 3D rendering recreates and animates the final product to facilitate the clients’ interaction with their yacht.

Once we have given life to the yacht, we offer support during the launching, and we take charge of delivering the boat to the clients’ place of interest so that they are free to plan their boat trip.

Moreover, our strongest point is the FIM Care service, providing maintenance, certified check-up, repair, and support in every European location. In this way, the shipowners get always assisted by those who built their boat, intervening with precision and care, using all original spare parts.

Finally, we carry out refitting interventions to adapt the equipment with the most modern technologies and keep the boat always in step with current trends.

Along the way, the customers will have the support of competent and passionate interlocutors for any advice, consultation, and information.

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