Dream destinations outside Europe for a holiday by boat

Dream destinations outside Europe for a holiday by boat

Thanks to the sea carriers, the shipowners can reach any world location, take their beloved boat, experience adventures outside Europe and the Mediterranean, and continue to enjoy the excellent weather at different latitudes.

Here are some of the most beautiful destinations to visit aboard the 340 Regina:


These islands located in Southeast Asia are a small natural paradise. The tropical climate, the exotic atmosphere, the great variety of plants and animals, and the sea and beaches’ beauty make the Philippines a trendy and fascinating destination.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, they enjoy an average temperature of over 26 degrees. Still, it is good to visit them from November onwards to avoid the rainy season.

A top-rated location is the Palawan archipelago, with over two thousand islets with lush forests surrounded by white sand beaches and an emerald sea.

Whitsunday Archipelago

The Whitsunday Archipelago is located in Australia and is a place full of charm for sea enthusiasts.
The Australian coral reef starts from here, and whales pass during their migration.In particular, Hamilton Island is worth a visit, an island dedicated entirely to tourism with its beautiful beaches and transparent sea. Boat races and Whitehaven Day, the largest beach party in the Southern Hemisphere, are held here.


Polynesia is a region that encompasses numerous islands in the Pacific Ocean that are very different from each other, in a unique mix of cultures and traditions. The area includes US Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island in Chile, Samoa, and Tahiti, of French origin. The distance that separates these islands requires internal transfers to visit them all, but even choosing just one will give you a fascinating experience. Everything depends on your preferences: the relaxed life on a Hawaiian beach or the adventure in the uncontaminated territories guarded by the Moai?

Comoros Islands

Three islands of volcanic origin emerge from the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique: here, you can enjoy the wild atmosphere, the warm and calm sea, and an eternal and exotic summer. The nature here is particularly fascinating: on the largest island, Grande Comore, there is a still active volcano, Karthola, while dolphins and dugongs populate the waters.

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