CE marking and design categories for watercrafts

CE marking and design categories for watercrafts

One of the most significant Italian regulatory aspects in watercrafts design dates back more than 20 years. In fact, in 1994, the European Parliament issued Directive 94/25 / EC, which became law in Italy in 1998.

The directive had the objective of harmonizing Member States’ legislation concerning pleasure crafts through measures shared at the European level, including the CE marking for pleasure craft long between 8 and 78 ft, and the related design category.

The CE marking is fundamental for the free movement of goods in the countries of the European Union. Regardless of the good’s production country, the Member States cannot prohibit its entry or marketing within their borders, provided that it respects the requirements for the recognition of the CE mark.

The requirements mainly concern compliance with the safety standards, verified through specific tests and inspections reported in technical files available to the authorities, and compliance with current regulations. Depending on the asset, this process can be carried out internally, following the EU guidelines, or by third parties.

In watercraft, a design category from A to D, linked with parameters relating to wind and sea conditions, accompanies the CE marking.

Based on the design category, the boat has been built to ensure safe navigation with:

  • Winds to Force 4 and significant wave heights to 18 inches for category D;
  • Winds to Force 6 (27 knots) and significant wave heights to 7 feet for category C;
  • Winds to Force 8 (40 knots) and significant wave heights to 13 feet for category B;
  • Winds of over Force 8 (over 40 knots), and significant wave heights above 13 feet for category A.

In compliance with these conditions, a CE marked watercraft can navigate at any distance from the coast. However, without the CE marking, the watercraft must sail within 6 miles from the coast or within 12 miles with the appropriate homologation.

The CE marking, the design category, the maximum recommended capacity, and the maximum number of people on board are engraved on a special plaque.

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