Boat registration: practical aspects

Boat registration: practical aspects

In Italy, a recreational 10-meter boat, used within 12 miles from the coast, is exempt from the registration obligation.

Although a 10-meter boat offers the possibility of skipping a bureaucratic step, the lack of registration poses some challenging issues. Therefore, you need to consider the decision thoroughly based on your needs and intentions.

Registering a 10-meter boat allows you not only to enjoy the pleasure of a night offshore without worrying about the distance from the coast but also to benefit from more advantages.

According to Italian law, the boats are registered in an electronic archive that files all their activities.

This procedure reduces the registration and cancellation timing and considerably simplifies some operations, such as the transfer of ownership.

Indeed, both parties involved enjoy greater security during the negotiation, as they can check on the electronic register for the correct attribution of responsibility in case of damages.

In contrast, without registration, the agreement is signed in good faith, and the previous owners could be sued for damages, even if the accident occurs after the transfer of ownership.

However, Italian regulations place some duties for boat registration. For instance, the shipowners are required to fit out the boat with specific equipment, which need to be regularly revised. Moreover, they have to present some documents, such as boating license, traffic license, security certificate, engine power declaration, insurance, radio license, CE marking, and owner’s manual.

The registration procedure can be carried out electronically by presenting:

  • the property deed;
  • a document certifying the purchase, such as invoice;
  • the responsibility statement;
  • the EU declaration of conformity;
  • the engine power declaration.

These last two documents are issued by the boat builder, who designed it in compliance with the EU standards and legislation.

According to international law, it is possible to register the boat in another State of the European Union and to fly the flag of this country.
This practice brings some advantages due to the different rules existing in the EU Member States. For example, many Italian boats fly the Belgian flag, since in Belgium shipowners have greater decision-making autonomy and fewer obligations regarding equipment and related controls.

Finally, the decision on whether to register your boat depends only on you and your needs. Relying on a company like FIM, which professionally supports the clients at the after-sale stage, allows you to fully enjoy the unique experience of navigation.

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