Between Italy and Croatia: a holiday only possible by boat

Between Italy and Croatia: a holiday only possible by boat

Soon we will be able to travel more freely and find the pleasure of sailing again, so why wait? Here you can see some destinations accessible only by boat!

Without leaving our beautiful country, we can go to Sardinia to discover the amazing Cala Luna.

Surrounded by cliffs that protect its beauty, this small gulf takes its name from its peculiar crescent moon shape.

The golden sand and turquoise water paint a heavenly picture, creating a pleasant contrast with the surrounding wild nature.

The rock, tinged with greenery from the tenacious local vegetation, hides several passages and caves full of charm.

It is not impossible to reach Cala Luna by land; however, the steepness of the rocky walls and the need to walk for miles make access by sea certainly more comfortable and straightforward so that you can enjoy the beauty of the gulf in complete relaxation.

Also, the Island of Spargi in the Maddalena Archipelago satisfies the most enterprising sailors.

This location is a deserted island without tourist facilities, which allows you to live an experience in contact with a truly unspoiled nature, dominated by Mediterranean scrub, golden sand, and turquoise water.

In particular, Cala Granara stands out among the many beaches of the island, especially for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts who can enjoy excellent visibility.

Moving on to Lazio, to Ponta, you can reach Chiaia di Luna beach: like its Sardinian counterpart, it is a gulf in the shape of a crescent moon set between high walls of white tuff.

The beach today is no longer accessible due to the risk of landslides. However, you can drop anchor at a suitable distance to enjoy the crystal-clear water in a unique setting.

Abandoning the Italian borders, Croatia offers two places of particular interest to sea lovers.

The island of Bisevo, surrounded by a blue sea, preserves a wild hinterland, despite being inhabited. The cliffs hide numerous caves: the most famous is the Blue Cave, a magical place animated by the reflections of water on the cliffs.

The island of Galesno is a real natural rarity: the whole island has the shape of a heart, a peculiarity that it shares with only three other places in the world. That makes it the favourite destination for the most romantics.

It is an uninhabited island characterized by wild nature and coves with stony beaches and surrounded by a sea that shows off different blue shades. As there are no reception facilities, you can only stay overnight in a campsite or, even better, on your boat. Explore these fascinating places aboard 340 REGINA, the line created by FIM, that combines the elegance of a yacht with the agility of a boat. Contact us to find out more.