All the advantages of owning a 34-ft boat in Italy

All the advantages of owning a 34-ft boat in Italy

The Italian nautical legislation concerning the 34-ft boats presents a particularity that distinguishes it from other countries.

Indeed, you can drive a 34-ft boat without a boat license, provided that the engine power is less than 40 hp and you stay within 6 miles of the coast.

This uniqueness has led Italian shipyards to develop a real “science of 34-ft boats”. Designers and engineers have strived continuously to find solutions to maximize performance and comfort with the space available.

These efforts have allowed Italy to lead the 34-ft boat market, offering models capable of competing with larger boats in comfort, safety, and navigation experience.

The habitability of today’s 34-ft boats allows you to enjoy a weekend as well as a longer cruise, surrounded by the comfort and luxury of the interiors.

Simultaneously, the structural characteristics and the line of the hull offer a high level of safety and seaworthiness that make the boat usable even by a novice owner, without sacrificing the pleasure of sporty navigation.

The small size also means less space required for mooring, drying, and transport, thus limiting the boat’s running costs.

Ultimately, a 34-ft boat is a versatile type of boat that easily adapts to cruising and day cruising, satisfying multiple needs.

FIM launched its first 34-ft boat, 340 REGINA, a perfect combination of engineering and design, comfort, and performance, rigorously Made in Italy.

Thanks to careful planning of the interiors and exteriors, you can enjoy every comfort. 

The cockpit is enriched by an external kitchen, an extendable table with comfortable seats, and a chaise longue, transformable into a spacious and safe stern sundeck. 

Below deck, the 6.2 ft high cabin consists of a dinette in the bow, convertible into a sleeping place, a bathroom with shower, and a double bed aft.

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