Expertise, innovation, design and elegance. Our best qualities for your boat.


Fabbrica (Factory)

We conceive and build boats starting from their design and moving on to their construction, customization and outfitting.

Italiana (Italian)

Our core value is to guarantee the top quality of the “Made in Italy” label through the expertise of our Italian professionals.

Motoscafi (Motorboat)

We specialize in designing and producing custom-built motorboats that embody the purest expression of the top qualities of the nautical environment.

Our Story

We gave life to our business by opening our first boatyard following the footsteps of the long shipbuilding tradition of the Venetian Lagoon.

Over the years, we have been collecting the heritage of the Serenissima Republic and we have now combined it with technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of northern Italy, where today we are proudly conducting our business.

Our Team

Corrado Piccinelli – sea and boat enthusiast – has been working in the field of services for the marine industry since 1999. Together with Manuela Barcella, he offers consolidated experience in building, maintenance and refitting of both private and public boats, working for the main leading Italian brands in the sector. Through years of experience, they developed a deep understanding of their customers’ wishes, which allows them to satisfy all demands before, during and after the sale.

Paolo Ferragni has been working with important shipyards and national and international partners for 20 years. As a technical director, he follows the development stage of every project – not only the design, but also the building process. His aim is to ensure consistency and quality in the final construction. For Paolo, each project is an exciting challenge: he is the winner of important international awards, such as BOAT OF THE YEAR in 2014 and MILLENIUM YACHT DESIGN AWARD in 2015. His best asset is his capacity to mix engineering, architecture and design.

Manuela Barcella

Company Holder

Corrado Piccinelli

Sales Manager

Paolo Ferragni

Technical Manager


A long nautical tradition. A heart beating for speed. A keen eye for beauty. Love for the pleasures of life. Unrivalled quality.

These features define our identity and make Italy the perfect place to build our yachts. We combine engineering and style by involving Italian professionals and craftsmen in order to meet the quality and beauty standards appreciated all over the world.

Our Mission



We embrace elegance and performance by combining luxury with sportiness, and the Italian Dolcevita with love for engines.

We spread the Italian style all over the world.

  • Passion: we succeed because we love what we do.
  • Synergy: thanks to the interaction between engineering, style and knowledge of the sea, we build boats that deserve to be truly experienced.
  • Care: we take care of our clients at every stage – from initial consultancy to after-sales assistance.
  • Made in Italy: we offer the best “Made in Italy”, in a combination of entrepreneurial drive and style.
  • Freedom: our work is fuelled by endless possibilities for innovation