A boat trip to Lake Maggiore aboard the FIM 340 Regina

A boat trip to Lake Maggiore aboard the FIM 340 Regina

Italy offers many opportunities to take a boat trip, from a weekend on the sea coasts to the famous Italian lakes, which shine like sapphires set in the territory of the Bel Paese.

A popular destination for many shipowners, together with Lake Garda, is Lake Maggiore. It is the second-largest Italian lake in both depth and size. It extends from Italy, between Lombardy and Piedmont, to Switzerland, offering a fascinating cultural and landscape diversity.

Along the entire Lake Maggiore, you find a multitude of locations, which still retain the charm of the past, as evidenced by the numerous historic villas, ancient residences, palaces, and castles.

ou can find them in Arona, where the Rocca Borromea stands out. You can also visit Meina with numerous noble villas, among which the neoclassical Villa Faraggiana moving a little further north. 

Following the Piedmontese coast to the north you reach the Borromean Gulf, which hosts the so-called ‘garden on the lake’ of Verbania and five of the eleven islands of Lake Maggiore: Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori, Isolino di San Giovanni and the Scoglio della Malghera.

The Borromean archipelago is undoubtedly one of Lake Maggiore’s most important attractions and the perfect destination for a boat trip. Starting from Palazzo Borromeo with the Italian gardens of Isola Bella, passing from the natural paradise of Isola Madre with parrots and peacocks in freedom, to the picturesque village of Isola dei Pescatori, observing the Isolino di San Giovanni and Scoglio della Malghera, from the water.

In the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore, you find the Brissago Islands. The two main islands (Isola di San Pancrazio and Isola di Sant’Apollinare) are unmissable destinations for nature lovers. The first one hosts the 2.5-hectare Ticino Natural Park, while the second one is rich of spontaneous vegetation.

The Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore welcomes other places of great interest. You find Intra with the Basilica of San Vittore and the old landing stage and Laveno and Mount Sasso del Ferro, which can be reached by cable car to admire all the splendor of the lake. Other exciting locations are the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso directly overlooking the water, the Rocca di Angera, and the Parco del Golfo della Quassa.

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