340 REGINA: the interior layouts

340 REGINA: the interior layouts

340 REGINA combines the dynamism and sportiness of a motorboat with the luxury and comfort of a yacht, thanks to the care given to design, which enhances every space of the boat by perfectly mixing design and engineering.

In just 34 feet, you will find all the equipment and furnishings you need for a unique sailing experience both during a day cruising and a long journey.

The feeling of comfort given by the ambiance below deck is amplified by the 6.2 ft high dinette, the natural lighting, thanks to the hull windows, portholes, and skylights, and the optional equipment that you can add for your chilling, such as a TV with digital system and air conditioning.

The standard interior configuration includes a double bed cabin aft, a dinette in the bow complete with couch, table, handy shelves, and a hallway with an optional internal kitchen and a bathroom featuring shower, sink, and electric WC.

The particular attention paid to interior spaces’ design allows you to apply various adaptations to make the ambiance as functional as possible, such as the dinette transformation into two beds thanks to an additional cushion.

Although the standard interiors already offer various solutions that meet the different shipowners’ requirements, you can choose to design the cabin based on two other layouts.

The double cabin layout allows replacing the dinette with a master cabin featuring a double bed, divided from the aft cabin by a bulkhead or a simple curtain.

Finally, it is possible to obtain a third layout, in which the shower is separated from the bathroom, to make a more private ambiance suited to the needs that arise from the choice of creating a double cabin.

Whatever interior layout you choose, you will be surrounded by tailor-made solutions created by FIM, which uses the best Made in Italy design for its boat lines. Discover all the other 340 Regina’s features and contact us for more information.