340 Regina: optional equipment between comfort, style and sportiness

340 Regina: optional equipment between comfort, style and sportiness

Nothing can equal the feeling of freedom that you feel on a 10-meter boat. The sportiness of the engines and the sinuous lines are accompanied by the comforts of the furniture below and on deck. Below deck, you can comfortably stay after a long day between the waves. On deck, you can enjoy the sun and the sea in complete relaxation.

A 10-meter boat offers many configuration possibilities. It is necessary to study a project, embracing engineering, furniture, technique, aesthetics, performance, and comfort.

Relying on professionals experienced in the construction of pleasure boats allows you to satisfy all the shipowner’s needs and wishes with a customized project.

FIM’s 340 REGINA, the 10-meter boat gamma, includes the latest and most advanced and comfortable equipment combined with numerous options for setting up the boat of your dreams.

The deck of the boat reflects the care dedicated to maximizing the liveability of the interior.

One of the first aspects to consider is whether or not to install the hard-top, i.e., the cover structure for the driver’s seat. 

It is a slender structure made of fiberglass that protects the pilot from the sun and the weather; however, not all shipowners appreciate this barrier that separates them from their surroundings and causes the rise of the boat line.

Alternatively, you can opt for the bimini-top. This foldable frame offers a fair compromise between the feeling of freedom and the need for protection from the sun.

The bimini-top is also a useful solution for the passengers who wish to take shelter during the hottest hours of the day without having to go below deck.

The bridge of the 340 REGINA makes the most of the available surface area, offering many opportunities to comfort and relaxation.

The central area has a table surrounded by comfortable seats with luxurious cushions. The aft and bow areas are equipped with sun cushions to lie down and enjoy the sun’s rays.

Some elements are removable, to protect this equipment; for the fixed ones, special cover sheets are provided.

The platform, cockpit, and walkway can be made in teak wood, the most suitable wood thanks to its high resistance to water and sun rays. Teak wood combines luxury and practicality, thanks to its light brown surface furrowed with beautiful grain.

Discover all the other advantages of the 340 REGINA and get ready to live a unique experience among the waves: contact us.